A Brief History of How We F**cked It All Up
by Tom Philips
Published by Wildfire

“Humans” is a school report card on our first 70,000 years of term as written by Monthy Python. Author Tom Phillips (editor at the fact checking charity has scoured history to illustrate our species’ seemingly unerring ability to just not think things through. One ‘it-seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time’ decision can loose everything. You can loose a battle even if the other side doesn’t show up. You can loose your country’s harvest because you don’t like birds, you can even loose a whole empire (the secret to that last one is to massacre Genghis Khan’s peaceful trade delegation).

Phillips’ humour and engaging style in “Humans” makes it easy to laugh as you learn about those dumb ass decisions made by dumb ass folk in bygone days. Just remember who the last laugh is on though. I suspect that it’s we who will be the butt of the jokes for the 2120 edition.